July 7, 2010

Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Insatiable by Meg Cabot
(Author Website) (Book Extras)
Adult Paranormal
Or as Meg calls it Girl Gothic.

Kindle Version.

"Ever since I left you this morning," Lucien said, "I've had the oddest sensation that I know how almost every human I've come into contact with is going to die. And not, whatever you might think of me, by my own hands. Would you care to tell me what, exactly, is going on?"

 Meena let out a sigh. "It's me," she said. "It'll probably go away after your next feeding."

His grip on her tightened. "What are you talking about?" he rasped.

"You drank my blood," she reminded him. "This should teach you to be more careful. You are what you eat, you know." -From author website.
 Meena Harper is a dialouge writer for the number one soap opera, Insatiable, that is until the competitor, Lust, starts it's own vampire storyline. Now Insatiable is getting its butt kicked in the ratings, and Meena is asked to write in a vampire storyline for ratings.

Meena hates vampires, and she hates how vampire crazed the world has become, because we all know that vampires always seek out the pretty, sexy girls. Or as Meena sees it, monster misogyny.

Then, Meena is asked attend a party her neighbor is hosting for her husbands cousin, the Prince, which she really, really doesn't want to do. But, how can she say no to someone that clearly won't take it for an answer? Meena attends the party reluctantly with her brother Jon, and in the span of one night Meena's whole world is changed forever. Those monsters she hated so much? Turns out they exist, and her new boyfriend, Lucien, is one. Not just any vampire either. He's the prince of darkness. Lucien is in New York to investigate recent murders of young women, but when he meets Meena things change.

Did I mention that Meena also has a special gift of her own? She can tell you exactly how you're going to die, and once other vampires realize this she becomes the next big thing in fine dining.

 I can't tell you how much I really loved this book. Out of all of Meg's books that I have read--and I've read nearly all of them--this book will probably become my favorite. To me, it's one of her better written books, and she takes a point of view that she normally doesn't use, third person with an alternating point of view between Meena, Alriac, Lucien, and Jon, Meena's brother. To me this really enhanced the book wonderfully and just brought so much of what was going on to life in a way that first person just can't do.

Honestly I can't speak highly enough about this book. It was funny, scary,  monstrous, and deliciously sexy when it needed to be. Meg did not give up her very funny and sometimes description heavy writing style in order to write about a subject I have to say is getting a bit overdone. Despite becoming quite tired of vampires and vampire books I still loved how Meg brought about the older mythology of vampires while still making fun of itself and a certain other vampire series.

I gotta say that if you love paranormal vampire books or even if you're just plain tired of them pick up this book. I'm getting burnt out on them, and I still loved it. I'm totally buying the hardback. Insatiable is out now with a sequel following next year.

And once you're done reading the book visit the Insatiable website to read deleted scenes, extras, and learn about the cutest muse for this story. Jack Bauer, the dog.

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