September 22, 2011

5 Weird Ways I Squeeze More Reading Into My Day

Lately it seems that the only time I have to read is bed time. And even more recently then that there's been no reading except on weekends. As it turns out reading a little out loud before bed time has made it easier for The Boy to sleep, and since I love to read it's really not a problem. Except, of course, when I'm so tired that I want to fall asleep the minute I put my head to my pillow.

It's a habit that we picked up around mid-summer, and to be honest it was a whole lot easier to keep up with bed time readings then. I didn't feel as wiped out as I do now, but every day we do our best to pick up the book we're reading and, you know, read it. The book we're reading right now? Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Haven't heard of it? Check out this book trailer. It's really really cute.

I'll be real honest. I've fallen asleep the few times that The Boy has read, and I may have gone back into the story needing The Boy to tell me what happened. We're a little more then halfway through and so far we've both enjoyed it a lot. Recently Mrs. Readerpants posted 10 Ways To Squeeze More Reading Into Your Day which I laughed at a lot and nodded my head at a few times. But I had to ask myself what weird ways do I try to squeeze more reading into my day? I do this especially when I'm so into a book that putting it down just isn't going to happen. Here they are:

5) Read While Grocery Shopping. Yes, I've actually done this. I've wondered around my grocery store with a book propped up on my bagged veggies and tried a read a few lines every time I wondered up and down the aisle. I wouldn't say it's the  safest way to read since I have to look up constantly to make sure I wasn't going to bump into another person or cart.

4) In My Car Just After Parking. Usually when you get somewhere you have to get OUT of the car. Except I'm more than likely some one who climbed in with my book and am dying to read the next line. So just before I turn off my car I read the next few lines of my story.

3) Standing Up In The Book Store. I'm SO guilty of doing this SO often. My book stores don't have chairs (except in the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles which are always so packed with people on laptops that getting a seat is moot) so a lot of the time I'm reading a new book I'm thinking of reading while in the store. Some times it can be just moments, and some days it can be 10 minutes. It really just depends on what it is I'm reading.

2) At 3 AM. Some days I just can't sleep. The only way I can is if I read until I know for sure I'll fall asleep when I do. Ever since I bought an e-reader it was much easier to do that because it glows. The bad thing about that? My cat always wants my attention and doubly so when I have something in my hands or on my lap. Most times when I'm trying to read I have my cat sticking her butt in my face wanting my attention. Put away the e-reader and she bounds off as if I don't exist anymore.

1) Standing Up While Brushing My Teeth. Yes, seriously. I will brush my teeth and read at the same time, and if the book is really, really good. Well it's really hard to put it down and do something different.

How about you guys? Do you have any weird ways that you use to get more reading into your day?

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