September 13, 2011

Online Classes for Librarians

Right now I'm waiting for my photo order for Walgreens to load. I decided to take the time out to update this blog.

I've started work again, and as such my time is no longer my own. Every minute of it is spent either with work, with family, or with The Boy. Life is stressful, but not nearly as stressful as it was last year. Last year was so stressful that I would come home, sit on the couch, and stare at the TV. I wasn't actually watching TV. I was simply staring at it.

This year I'm better able to do my work and keep up with things at home. But, that doesn't mean that I don't feel like using that handy little Stress Reduction Kit over on the right.

It's really a good thing, too, that I am better able to handle the stresses of home and work together this year since I am taking one online class that is a requirement to get my eventual certification for school librarianship. The last time I took an online class was about four years ago through the same university that I am now.

The last time I also took an online class I took full-time coursework with a part-time job because I was pretty much sure I couldn't handle both full-time work and part-time school. As you can probably tell it meant that I had way more time to devote to school. This time around I have to prioritize my time. When I get home, most nights, I go straight to my computer. Ok, wait, that's a lie. I go home and get dinner. Whether that means making it or buying it. Then I sit down, watch a bit of TV with The Boy, and THEN I sit down with the computer. Some days it's with my book so I can do my best to answer a question, or respond to a post, or even to just to read the book.

Seriously my dad wanted me to take MORE classes at one time, but I said no way! I felt I'd have more then enough to do with just one class and my job. Guess what? If I was taking more then one class right now I'd probably have quit. Master's classes are a lot of work. A lot of reading, a lot of group and individual projects, and a big time commitment. Even though everything is online you are committing yourself to visit that discussion board at least three-four times that week. You commit to giving up your weekends and some nights simply because you have something due that week.

But honestly guys? I love this class. I love that I am back in my element and learning about something I truly love. As much as I love my school kids I know that a lot of what I do now is for them. I love them. I go to work each day to see them grow and learn and be ready to do something so wonderful; read. I can say that I love what I'm doing now, but I know in my heart that eventually I want to be a librarian again. To work in that field again. Which makes doing all that work for my class and my kids just that much more rewarding.

So please do expect more updates on what it's like being on and online school and full-time work. I'll definitely be updating more on that. Now I'm off to work on a book review for later on in the week.

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