June 19, 2012

Picture Book: For Just One Day

Title: For Just One Day

Author: Laura  Leuck

Illustrator: Marc Boutavant

Leuck and Boutavant send children on a journey to predict what animal comes next in this fun and beautifully illustrated picture book. Children get to pretend to be a whale, a bee, a crocodile and so much more.

I found this book last summer in Austin at a small independent bookstore. I loved it the moment I looked at it. The illustrations alone bring so much life to the animals that the story is introducing the children to. But, what I also love about this book, is that the students really seem the love participating in the game we played afterwards.

Over the summer, I used this particular book as a lesson in my internship. After reading the books to the kids I then turned around played a game with them. I had written down animals that occured in the book and asked one student to act out the animals so that the others could guess. At first I tried to just have the students act out what they thought the animal would do. Big mistake! I assumed the students had a frame of reference, and, even if they did, I was fairly sure they just didn't know what to do. I took this lesson and acted out each animal with the students as a group, and then played the game. It was so much better this way! With an idea of what to look for with each animal the students not only guessed easy and correctly the students doing the acting knew just what to do as soon as their turn came up.

I really enjoyed this book, and the activity. It's so much fun I'm sure moms can participate with their kids at home.

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