December 31, 2012

2012 Books On My Nightstand

I was such a lacking reader this year. This year, and last year, and the year before that. I've gained the bad habit of buying books I'm totally interested in, and then having them sit on my nightstand waiting to be read. Some I've already made a dent into, but haven't finished for one reason or another. Some I haven't really read that far into and will probably need to re-read it from the beginning.

Instead of going into this entry as one that will recount all the wonderful books I've read and reviewed this past year I will write about books that sit on my nightstand waiting so patiently to be finished and reviewed. It's kind of embarrassing that there are so freaking many of them.

Because there are so many I'll just have to break this post up into two parts so I don't scare you off with the sheer number of books on my nightstand.

1) The Eleventh Plauge - This book I really wanted to love. I started reading it because it was reviewed well by Susanne Collins. Sometimes it's a real mistake to just buy a book because an author you love reviewed it well. The end-of-the-world book starts of well with the main character's father being hurt badly by bandits and his grandfather dying forcing Stephen to find refuge in a small community of survivors. Then it becomes very boring very quickly with mundane life happenings and Stephen, the main character, trying to figure out a fellow recluse named Jenny. Supposedly a prank goes horribly wrong, but I was about 149 pages into the story and the prank hadn't occurred yet. I got tired of waiting for the prank and dropped the book.

2) Blog, Inc. - This book was reviewed by Janssen of Everyday Reading. Considering that I know I won't make money off my blog I still thought this was a pretty neat read. I have yet to get past the introduction, but still definitely want to pick it up once I get through the other books I have on my list. This is a book I purchased for my Nook so I could pick it up without carrying around paper version.

3) Bitterblue- I know. I know. Other bloggers have read and just not liked this book as much as Fire or Graceling. I am still determined to read it, and until I have the ability to just delve right into it like I did with Fire and Graceling I haven't decided to just pick it up.

4) The Fault In Our Stars- I started this book with so much promise! I loved it, and I am not a huge John Green fan. I actually approach his books with a lot more caution then really adoring fandom. I'm a little more then halfway through the book and loved it up until some, inevitable, tragedy stuck and all of a sudden I just couldn't keep reading to what I think is the also inevitable end. BUT, I enjoy this book so much I know I'll finish it. I know I'll review it. I just have to get past the sadness I feel at what I think will happen.

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