December 28, 2012

6 Christmas Picture Books I Love

Christmas is over, and the new year is just around the corner. One of the great things about Christmas time is reading holiday themed books. I love holiday books so I try to rotate the books that I read as much as possible. I warn you that many of these books feature bears. I'm not really sure why.

1) It's Christmas, David! I love David Shannon's books. No, David! is simple but hilarious. My personal favorite is Alice the Fairy. It's Christmas David! follows David through the perils of behaving during Christmas. No peeking at gifts, sitting through dinner parties, and trying to get a present and not coal from Santa. A really sweet and silly book that kids are sure to relate to.

2) You Are My Miracle is such a sweet read. Every time I read I imagine a mother reading to her child during bedtime. The mother teddy bear tells her baby bear in beautiful rhymes how much she loves him. It's guaranteed to give beautiful memories to your little teddy bear.

3) Silent Night by Juliet Groom takes a mother bear and her cub through the beautiful wonders of their woods. Just as the title states the author integrates a bit of the song, Silent Night, into the poetry of the book ending with a little bit of the Christmas story.

4) The Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson takes her beloved character Bear and keeps him up for Christmas. Despite the fact that bears sleep through winter Bear's friends want Bear to experience Christmas with them. This book will be released in January 2013, but as much as my kids love Bear books I know they would love this too. (I can't tell you how many times I've read The Bear Feels Scared.)

5) Chaucer's First Winter by Stephen Krensky follows along the same lines of The Bear Stays Up for Christmas. Chaucer's first winter is here, and even though his parents will sleep though winter Chaucer just has to know what winter is. Chaucer stays up with his friends through winter as his parents (supposedly) hibernate.

6) The Littlest Christmas Star by Brandi Dougherty follows Max and his class's christmas play where he is the star of Bethlehem. Max feels that his part is so very small that he goes around and tries out other jobs in the class. Eventually Max learns how important his part is, and takes to the class play with all his heart.

My Christmas tree is still up! As far as I'm concerned that means you can still get to your library and read a few Christmas themed books with your kids.

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