January 1, 2013

2012 Books on my Nightstand: Part 2

Part one of this review of Books on my Nightstand can be found here. This is the exciting conclusion of 2012 books I'm currently reading and have sitting on my nightstand. 

5) Throne of Glass- I read three of the four e-book novellas released before Throne of Glass, the first in a three part series, was released. (Check them out if you're interested.) I was a little disappointed in the novellas. Not because Maas isn't a talented writer, but because I probably built up this series a lot in my head before reading it. Still, it's a book I'm enjoying and I can't wait to read the final novella and finish the novel. I'm hoping it ends with a bang.

6) Ripple- Another book I read about before I went into my book blog coma. I loved Mandy Hubbard's  But I Love Him, and this book promises to be just as dark. Of course I was in my book blog coma so I totally missed that she also released Dangerous Boy. I just may pick it up later on. First, I must finish Ripple.

7) Sweetly- Another fairy tale re-telling by Jackson Pearce. (Yes, I know. I'm behind, and she's also released the third novel in this series, Fathomless.) I was a little disappointed when Sweetly didn't move as quickly along as Sisters Red did. Then, it seemed like Jackson turned around the changed the witch in the story to fit in with the Sisters Red world, and, well, it just kind of bummed me out. I know I should finish it, and I will because I really enjoy Jackson's writing. I just need to get past what's hanging me up.

8) Warm Bodies- If you are like me and you've been to the movies you know this is coming out soon. I thought the movie looked really funny, and decided that I just had to pick up the novel before the movie comes out. Cause I'm old school like that. It's been my holiday read and so far I have some mixed feelings about it.

9) You Can't Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded)- One of my non-fiction books this year. I picked this up after hearing the author talk about strong-willed children. What she described rang so true to me that I went ahead and picked up a copy for my Nook. I haven't read too far into it, but hopefully I'll finish it soon.

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