January 4, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions

Let's face it, I stink at resolutions. Now there were a couple of things I did do differently last year then I did any other year. John and I started exercising together a few days out of the week, and tried eating healthier. We did pretty good until we both got hit pretty hard in December with the requisite winter sickness that holds on and never lets go. Then Christmas vacation started and instead of being more into exercising we were more into not-leaving-the-house-EVER. So lets get this resolution thing started. I'm going to try and be really realistic with  them.


- Update at least three times a week. Updating once in a while? Not cutting it.
- Write blog posts on weekends so I don't have to worry about updating on schedule during the week.
- Review at least two books (not counting picture books) a month.
- Read my Google Reader and Twitter more often. I'm so out of the loop. I need to get back into the loop.

I'm definitely not placing a number on how many books I'll read this year. I have to be realistic. If I can accomplish two books a month I'll be doing pretty good. Of course my book reviews will be a little behind the times considering that I have plenty of books on my nightstand that are in line first. I did accomplish two things I wanted with this blog before returning to work. I updated my about me page, and I was able to update the layout to something I love. I think my biggest mistake was trying to love what other people created along the lines of free blogger templates, but I just couldn't love them. I spent quite a lot of time creating the images and new blog header. The only images I didn't create are the social media buttons on the top right sidebar.


- Get back into, and keep up with, exercising at least twice a week. Once we are able to get into a routine then three times a week.
- Eat healthier. More veggies, more poultry, less red meat and pork. Look for and try out vegetarian recipes where possible.

Really it's a continuation of what we started last year in the summer, but I really want to keep it up. It's also the reason I started exercising in the summer. It was much easier to start something like that when I was on a break from work.


- Clean throughout the week when possible. Even if I'm tired. Even if I really don't want to.
- Quit leaving clean, folded laundry in hampers all week. Put it away.
- Organize (in the summer) and throw out or give away what I don't need. Minimizing our stuff would make me so happy.

I had aspirations of using the Time Warp Wife's cleaning schedule in the summer. I totally failed at that.  I still have it taped up on my pantry door. Let's face it cleaning a little throughout the week would help so much, but I'm also quite exhausted throughout the week.


- Be a little more daring with my wardrobe. Try something different and out of my comfort-zone.
- Pick colors/styles I wouldn't normally pick.

My clothes tend to be very mundane. I usually pick things that are really easy to deal with. Just wash, hand and wear. I really need to try and be more in tune with what's fashionable AND easy to deal with.

We'll see how these resolutions go, but so far they seem manageable.


Janssen said...

I love that you had categories too!

And I think having your husband work on the same goals as you are makes it a THOUSAND times easier.

Sami said...

It really does. The only reason why I'm even able to get back into exercising and eating better is because of him.

And, without the categories I'd be lost!

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