February 25, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge
Pinterest Challenge was started by Janssen, of Everyday Reading, and her sisters, Merrick and Landen. If you would like to join in visit Janssen's original post and leave a link. 

I love Pinterest. Most of the time through I don't end up completing any of the pins. I just pin what looks interesting, and hope that one day I'll end up actually doing one of them. You know, some day. When Janssen and her sisters issued this challenge to complete one pinned thing from your Pintrest boards a week for six weeks I thought, "What a great idea!"

It took me a little time and searching for pins I thought I could actually complete in either a day or at least over the weekend, but I can finally start this challenge. I ended up choosing crafts that I felt would not only spruce up the ol' household, but also could double as birthday gifts if they come out nice enough. I'm always on the look out for DIY birthday gifts.

1. Birthday Calendar - I can't tell you how many times I forget some pretty important dates, like birthdays. This birthday calendar looks gorgeous and can be added on as the family grows. 

2. Tile Coasters - Some pretty quick DIY coasters that can be tailored to fit your tastes. What's not to love about that? 

3. Canvas Flower - I've tried scrapbook paper on canvas before. My first attempt didn't quite work out, but I hope that this time I'll have better luck. 

4. Gold Plant Prints - The actual link for this is corrupted, but the images are a basic how-to without the link.  

5. Quote Scarf Print - How gorgeous is this printed scarf? Now I just have to think of a quote to go with the challenge. 

6. Verse of the Week - A beautiful frame with chalkboard paint is a wonderful idea, but add to it a "verse of the week" theme and I really, really love it. You can buy one of these frames from the original Etsy seller, but I'm choosing to try and figure out a homemade version of this. 

I'm thrilled and also a little worried I won't actually complete this challenge, but here goes nothing! 

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