June 3, 2013

Summer Time

As of now most Texas schools are letting out, or have let out, for the summer. Happily this is a time of rest and recuperation, and, as it has been for every other summer, it will also be a time of meeting goals. Last summer it was completing my hours for school librarian certification and getting married. The summer before was a real time of recuperation from my 1st year of teaching. I'm not even joking when I say I spent much of that 1st summer napping.

When I was in high school my mother was constantly coming up with home improvement projects. For a couple of summers in a row our family project was removing old carpet from several rooms in my parents home and installing wooden tiles. Once we'd removed the carpet we would paint the room and touch it up. After several summers my mother, brother, father and I ended up cleaning every room of dingy carpet.

I would always wonder why mom always had to have a project in the summer. She was also a teacher, and used the summers for projects of her own. I would always think, "Can't she just enjoy the time off?" But, I've learned that if my mother's anything like me then summer is the only time she can get anything done! Holidays are spent with family, and taking small vacations to rest. The summer is for getting things done. 

This summer is a time of cleaning and purging. Our tiny apartment is just in a dire need of reorganization, and what better time to do it then summer? 

I know, isn't that what Spring Break is for? Nope! This past Spring Break was for visiting friends. This summer is the time for cleaning. I am so not looking forward to the task, but I am looking forward to a less cluttered home. 

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