August 28, 2013

It's a.....

Around week 20 John and I went to our second ultrasound of this pregnancy. We have shared a particular thrill with each ultrasound, because we get to see just what is going on underneath that belly. I can't imagine a bigger thrill until we are able to hold our little one in December. 

At our 20 week scan we knew that we could find out just which gender our baby will be. We both knew from day one of finding out about this pregnancy that we wanted to know right away. John hoped for a boy, and I hoped for a girl, but we both agreed that whichever God blessed us with we'd be thrilled to have. 

The same day had a little gender reveal using cupcakes that I had made before leaving. You can see the idea over here on Love to be in the Kitchen. Even though I'd made the cupcakes I didn't get the chance to take pictures of them. None of them were left after our families had both left! Except, of course, the cupcakes with the wrong gender inside. 

The gender reveal was so much fun. Everyone tried to find clues in everything we wore and did just before the cupcakes were opened. No one had more fun then our mothers! 

On to the blog reveal! Click on  to see what our baby is!

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