August 20, 2013

So Long Summer.

Despite having summer time to myself--the last summer without a kiddo--I am always in awe at just how fast every summer goes. After teaching for three years I've learned that, even though teachers do get at least two months to ourselves, summer is fleeting. Especially if you are like me and you use your summer to get things done that you just don't feel you can do over the school year. (And, honestly teachers, don't we all?)

Last summer I completed my last hours and practicum for my school librarian certification. I was also getting married to my husband. Yikes! I don't have to tell you how stressful that was!

Big and Little Kitty hiding away in one carrier during the initial move.

This summer I was not only dealing with morning sickness, but John and I moved into our first home. I had thought that the summer would be busy and the moving would be stressful. Really, I had told myself as much, but man I didn't know anything!  It has now been a little over a month since we moved in. Big and Little Kitty both had no idea what was going on, and even though we gave them their own room to hide in they both squeezed into one carrier for the first couple of days. I've just unpacked the last box a few days ago. The success I felt in doing that is almost immeasurable.

We still have rooms that need to be painted. We still have boxes in the garage that we just don't plan to unpack. We still have all our photo frames that need to be mounted on the walls, but overall we're pretty happy.

The amazing thing about this house? We were able to celebrate our first anniversary in it. Sure we were painting walls, but we were happy to just be able to know that those walls belonged to us.

The other very best part of finally unpacking our boxes? I was able to access my books again! I can't tell you how much I missed just being able to have them up and in shelves.

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