September 23, 2013

Picture Book: Hands Are Not For Hitting, Words Are Not For Hurting

Two books picture books I love are called Hands Are Not For Hitting and Words Are Not For Hurting. Both books are meant to help children understand how to interact with each other in group settings, and are written for 4 to 7 year olds.

Hand Are Not For Hitting written by Martine Agassi, Ph. D. tells children what good things their hands are meant to do, like playing, writing, waving, sharing. It encourages children to positively use their hands to help others.

Words Are Not For Hurting written by Elizabeth Verdick tells children how their words can hurt or help someone. It encourages children to chose their words carefully. It also tells children what they should do if someone else is careless with their words.

Both books are a part of my library, and I find both books to be great conversation starters on a child's level. They are a part of the Best Behavior Series which includes other books that target more towards preschoolers and toddlers such as Teeth Are Not For Biting and Germs Are Not For Sharing.

The Best Behavior Series is definitely a series I plan to keep in my own children's libraries as a means of understanding what kinds of behavior are appropriate and which are not.

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