October 2, 2013

How Pregnancy Makes Me (More Of) A Lacking Reader

When I started this blog I was a Library Science student.

When I picked this blog back up, after quite a bit of dust, I was a reference librarian for a university.

Now I am an elementary teacher. I finished up my certification as a school librarian, and for the first time in four years I'm not in an MLS class or working as a librarian.

What that also means is that in the past four years reading has become very lacking in my home.

In 2011 I wrote a little post titled 5 Weird Ways I Squeeze More Reading Into My Day. For a while I was able to keep reading using those weird methods.

Enter pregnancy.

My husband reads before bedtime. Usually he gets maybe a chapter or two in before he calls it a night. I'm usually too exhausted to read before bed long enough to get past one chapter. I start to read and my eyes droop like crazy. (Have I mentioned that I'm also slightly jealous that he can read on his stomach? I am oddly jealous that he can.)

He also reads on car trips. Even short ones. I, on the other hand, get carsick. Even before pregnancy this was true. I don't know when this started since I was always able to read in the car when I was younger.

He reads at doctor visits. I try, but usually I start to fall asleep. Most, if not all, doctor visits are after work, and I'm usually still thinking about work or exhausted to concentrate.

I even thought that pregnancy insomnia would help me read a little bit more. I have a couple books on my Nook that I planned to read if pregnancy insomnia would hit. Sometimes I do read, and sometimes I'm too upset by the fact that I'm lacking in sleep when I have to work in just a few hours.

Truthfully, I was a lacking reader before, but always I tried my best to finish a novel that I started.

I always wonder if any other readers come across this same dilemma. A love to read, but little energy to read as much as you would like. I know as a librarian I had the time and energy to read as much as I wanted. As a teacher, and now pregnant, I just can't seem to have to same time or energy I used to. I keep waiting for my body to adjust to my job so that I can read and review like I used to. It just doesn't seem to happen.

Anyone else have this happen to you?

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