January 15, 2014

Monkey @ 1 Month

 I can't believe that this little boy is now a month old. I honestly feel like I just left the hospital with this tiny baby, and now, every time I hold him, I think how much bigger he is! 
One thing I want to do is keep up monthly photos specifically to show my little Monkey's rapidly changing profile. Plus a little something about my Monkey. Here is one thing about Monkey at one month.

1) The boy can sleep. Ever since he was born I've had to spend more time waking this kid up for feedings than not. John says that he got the heavy sleeper gene from me. 

(Some other things you just have to know are that he is the snuggliest baby ever. I could honestly hold his baby for hours, and when I'm looking at my husband holding him he always laughs and asks me if I want him back. I just can't get enough of this snuggly baby. Also, he looks just like his dad, but he seems to have inherited my lips and feet. Poor kid. Finding shoes for him will be a constant nightmare. 

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