January 29, 2014

Review of 2013

Yes, I'm writing a very late review of 2013, but it's still Janurary. I'm counting it. 

2013 was definitely a year of so many huge blessings that I can't possibly imagine 2014 getting any better. The highlights of the year include:
  • Celebrating a year of marriage in July
  • Finding out we were pregnant in April
  • Moving into our first home (also) in July
  • Welcoming our baby boy in December
A huge blessing from the end of 2013 into 2014 is being able to spend the first two months of my Little Monkey's life getting to know him. 

Something no one ever told me, at least to my memory, about parenthood is how freaking scary it is. It is one the scariest things I have ever done in my life! Just getting ready to go home from the hospital made me freak out when I realized I had never put a newborn into a car seat before! 

Here Monkey is ready to go home and I couldn't figure out how to ensure that his tiny body was safely tucked away into the car seat! Of course it wasn't nearly as terrifying as I thought it was going to be. A few minutes and with some help from the nurses and we were ready to go home, but it was still terrifying. 

I spent eight months of last year pregnant with Monkey, and another four or so trying to get pregnant. I still wasn't ready for the terrifying roller coaster of emotions and the amazing amount of love I have for this little man. 

On top of that we were blessed enough to find a home, and were able to purchase it without going into too much debt. Our home is still disorganized, and barely any photos are put up. I can't seem to get ontop of cleaning it, but it's still our home. I can't wait to make memories inside it with our children. I can't wait to personalize it into becoming our home. 

So much changed in 2013! What changed for you and your family? I'd love to know.

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