March 13, 2014

Spring Break

Spring Break was never a time of partying for me. I could basically care less that I live an hour or so away from the beach especially at this time of year. There is no fun for me on a beach full of college and high school aged kids partying and dancing. Honestly, I'm a old fart, because I was basically always like this. This Spring Break, which I looked forward to since I'd gone back to work in February, was just time to spend with my little Monkey. 

It's now Thursday and I've been meaning to sit down with this blog since Monday, but in all honestly it hasn't been easy transitioning from being home with my little Monkey all day and going back to work. Even though I'm a teacher and my kiddos all go home by 3:45 pm I am not home by 4. Instead I have to somehow squeeze in planning and copies and pumping into the final hour or so of the day. (Oh, pumping! How that has been a tough thing to pull off as well with my schedule and busy nature of my days. It's still so very much worth it, but man it's not easy.)

Wearing his little Star Trek onesie. 
Instead of stressing out about work this week (and, yes, there is plenty of work to be done that I'm simply ignoring for just a bit longer) I've just been enjoying my pseudo-SAHM status. It'll only be for a week, but I don't care. I'm loving having my little introvert baby with me at all hours of the day. I'm loving his smiles and even his morning person nature. Seriously! This kid smiles so easily and so readily in the mornings it's a wonder he's even my child. (He obviously gets it from his dad.) My little Monkey does make mornings for this non-morning person a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun. 
Look at those lashes! Also from his father.
My little Monkey has his moments. He tends to take his time when it comes to eating. Especially in the evenings when he'll eat and LEAN right on over my arm and smile and look around. Then, when I think he's done eating, and I'm handing him over to his dad so that I can eat he suddenly decides he's starving. Or how about when he's hungry period, and is crying his head off, going "Nee, Nee!" But, those moments are few and far between the moments where he smiles and melts my heart. It's going to be hard to go back to work and miss out on his smiles and our cuddling time. 

Yes, that is an R2-D2 onesie. We are a family of both Trekkies and Star Wars fans.
I just gotta keep telling myself that it's just 2 1/2 more months until I get to keep him all to myself for the summer.

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