June 30, 2014

Little Monkey's Half Birthday

Before you become a parent there are things that other people do that you might think is silly. For me, one of those things was having a half birthday party.

Seriously? A six month birthday party? It's not like you go about celebrating half birthdays for the rest of your child's life. Why celebrate halfway through his first year? These were thoughts that occurred to me whenever I heard of anyone having a six month birthday party for their babies.                           

Now I know why.

If  you're like me making it to six months feels like a huge accomplishment. I spent most of Little Monkey's first months of life amazed that I was getting through each day. Then slowly the days turned into weeks. The weeks turned into months. Then, before I knew it, we were hitting the six month mark, and I couldn't believe it.

I don't know why, but I just felt so thrilled that we had experienced six months with this little guy. He has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways that I just felt like I had to celebrate that fact. I told John that I wanted to have a half birthday for Monkey, and he laughed a little. Mostly because he knew that I had originally thought that half birthdays were a little silly. He was more then happy to have a little get together with a few of our friends and family though. Some of which hadn't even met Little Monkey.

Monkey is a pretty easy baby, let me tell you. It's not like he doesn't fuss or cry. It's not like we've never experienced a sleepless night. But, over all, we have a pretty happy go-lucky kid. He smiles easily. He has a beautiful laugh. I fell in love with this kid the second I heard his cry for the first time. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be his mom. Six months? That's a milestone worth celebrating!

Above is the invitation I created especially for Monkey's half birthday celebration. (The original had our real names, but for the purposes of this blog post I edited out our names.) I created the original invitation using Macintosh's Pages program, and then saved the file as a PDF. Then I converted the PDF to a JPG and sent it off to be printed at Walgreens.
Super Monkey!

Even though we'd decided a few weeks earlier that we would be having the birthday party I was finishing up the end of the school year. Which meant that if I wasn't busy with whatever I needed to finish at the end of the work day I was at home taking care of my sweet bebé. The end result was that very few people actually saw that invitation. Most just received a phone call letting them know about the party. Oh well. It was still very fun to create.

Little Monkey and John playing with a ballon.
We chose a superhero theme and dressed ourselves in superhero shirts. Monkey wore his red Robin onesie, John wore his Batman shirt, and I wore my Batgirl shirt. Everyone was asked to participate, if they wanted, by wearing their own superhero shirt. Other then that, and the small blue cake, we didn't go very far with the Superhero theme. For a half birthday party I felt like we threw pretty good, low-key party with just a few people, and honestly it was good we did. It made it a lot easier to be able to celebrate with our family and our little Monkey.

We barbecued outside, ate delicious blue superhero cake, and just enjoyed being with our friends and family. Monkey refused to nap even though I knew how tired he was. People were in his house! He had to see them and be with them! He was the guest of honor, and he wasn't going to sleep through that!

At the end of the day, John took Monkey to our bedroom, and very tired little guy quickly fell right to sleep. We knew Monkey won't ever remember that little party, but it was a lot of fun to throw. We were thrilled that were able to celebrate our little guy. And, as we were cleaning up the kitchen, John and I both discussed what we would be doing in six more months for his one year celebration. (Hint: It won't be Superhero themed.)
Monkey and I at the end of his special day. 
If you are so inclined to throw a Superhero birthday party feel free to use some of the Pinterest ideas I had pinned. They were some pretty neat ideas that I just didn't get the chance to use outside of the cake and invitation:

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  • Cute 1/2 Birthday Onesie

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Adorable birthday party! Thank you very much for these photos. Our twins turned one last month. We had a grand party at a local event venue. It was a superman themed party and all had a great time in their birthday bash!

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