July 9, 2014

First Books For Babies: Exploring Language

I will be the first to admit that lugging everything in the car and getting the baby to the library isn't easy. I hate to say it but I avoided going to the library simply because the idea of going by myself intimidated me. Monkey is one wiggly kid. The first time I went to the library I didn't take my stroller. It's a great stroller, and I love it. But, I hate that the thing is so big and heavy. Usually John picks it up and loads it into the trunk. That first trip I just decided to get along without it.

Big mistake! The second time I went to the library I took the stroller. With Monkey strapped in I had a much easier time looking around at the books and loading up our book bag. That's how we learn folks. Even if my stroller is tough for me to load and unload into the car I'm taking it.

The really nice thing about the public library is that it has plenty of board books in both English and Spanish. Usually when I'm looking for books for my baby I look for a variety of books in both languages. If I can manage it I look for books that are bilingual. Meaning they have the words in both English and Spanish on the page. Although I understand Spanish a lot better then I can speak it I'm still learning. I usually have to ask John to read the book to me first so I can hear the words before I can read the books more fluently. I like to think of this time as learning time for both Monkey and myself.

Okay enough chatter, here are a few books we picked up this week that have both English and Spanish and one book that has Yiddish!

1. Ten Little Fingers/Tengo Diez Deditos: This book explores what a baby can do with their ten little fingers. The book reads almost like a little song or dance. If your baby is a little bit older you can act out the different parts of the book along with the illustrations. This has the potential to be a very active book.

2. Fiesta!: We already own a few books that deal with counting, colors, and basic words like that. Fiesta is a book that explores counting in the context of a party. The illustrations allow you to reinforce the context of counting what the numbers mean with your little one. 

3. My Senses: Mis Sentidos: Again I have books on the basics. This book allows you to explore what each of your five senses does, and give pictorial examples. I really enjoyed it. I also think it's helpful for older children to learn more about their five senses and understand how it is that they learn and explore the world. 

4. Nosh, Schlep, Schluff. Babyiddish: Now this book I picked up based on the title alone. How stinkin' cute is a book that incorporates Yiddish? Very. Very cute. The illustrations allow even the non-Yiddish speaking parents to guide their baby to understanding what each word means. It's a very sweet book. I feel like it's a perfect book for anyone with a love of language.

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