July 24, 2015

Been Awhile Crocodile...

Five years ago I was working for a university as a reference librarian. Sadly, the only thing that really stunk about that job was the miles. I really enjoyed being a librarian, and I have to say it was one of the better professional  jobs I've had in a long while. But, I also had a teaching certificate and I decided, after a lot of thought, I'd like to become a school librarian.

There are a lot of reasons. The simple truth is that I would be available to my children on weekends and at night--something that would have been a problem if I had stayed in a university setting-- and I would, hopefully, get to teach researching skills to kids that would get them ready for university and eventually life. Kids live in a world where there is so much information that is easily accessible, but a lot of the incoming high school students and freshmen didn't seem have the training they needed to use that information properly. 

In other words, they wanted to Google everything.

And use Wikipedia as their resource for research papers. (Hint: Professors do not want you to do this.)

So back to teaching I went. I taught Pre-Kindergarten for four years, and I taught Kindergarten for the first time last year. I can say that, other than my first year, last year was one of the most challenging years of my teaching career. I no longer had an aid which meant I was no longer working as a team in my classroom. The TEKS have changed drastically, and the program was full day. It was a very, very big change for me. All this and my son was only 8 months old at the beginning of the year. I was still adjusting to being a new mom! It was a huge change for me. 

Let me make myself absolutely clear, teaching is a hard job. Probably the hardest professional job I've done so far. I was determined, though, to become a school librarian. No matter what teaching is apart of my job whether I am in a classroom or in the library. Thankfully, since I already had my Masters in Library Science, I only had to do a couple of things to become certified in Texas. I had to go back to school and take four more courses for school library media, redo my practicum, and take the certification exam. I actually completed the last day of my practicum the day before my wedding. 

(Yes, one day before my wedding. Without my mother I don't think my wedding would have been as nice as it was. Thank goodness both my husband and I were all about small (very small) and low key.)

It took time, but I am happy to say that I have been hired on as an elementary librarian! I start in August for the 2015-2016 school year, and I couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to my first year! It'll be a year of learning and growing, but I can't wait for the challenge.

Which leads me to this blog. When I interviewed I talked about how I'd created a blog to help me keep in touch with other librarians and what was going on in the world of librarians. I also kept it so I could write reviews of books I read, and they reacted very positively about it. I realized that I would, hopefully, have the energy and time to blog again.

Which means reading, reviewing, and chronicling programs and lessons I'll teach in an elementary setting. Hopefully I can learn more from other school librarians and vice versa. 

I'm so excited to start this blog over, again, and get back into the swing of things! More to come soon! 

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