August 7, 2015

(Lots of) Shifting Ahead

I've visited my new library twice now. I start work on Monday. Already I know I have quite a job ahead of me. Here are five things I plan on doing in my library: 

1) Organize Technology: The library is the heart of the school.  As the heart, we are also in charge of the technology distribution, and my storage is full of tech. It's already sort of organized, but my school ended the year with no librarian. While the school took inventory at the end of the year, I will have to check out their inventory and compare it to what I have in stock. I have a feeling I'll need to distribute everything first thing in the new school year. 

2. 86 the Dust Catchers: The previous librarian left me a lot of huge stuffed animals and about 7-8 fake potted trees to decorate the library. While I would have done the same thing had I been retiring I can't keep all of the stuffed animals or trees. For one, the trees obscure my view of the library, and subsequently the students I'll need to keep track of. For another, I have very serious allergies, and keeping dust collectors like fake plants and stuffed animals will only make me sick. Getting rid of most of them will greatly help in keeping me in the library. 

3. Weeding and Inventory: The library has a collection that I'm not sure was inventoried at the end of the year, and just glancing around I see that there is a need to weed out books that are damaged at the very least.  Once I do that I'll need to look at shifting and labeling the books shelves. The library isn't exactly easy to navigate and quickly find what you want. The previous librarian labeled, but I'm looking for something bright and eye catching. Maybe even look into Genre-fication of my fiction section to increase circulation.

4. Lesson Planning: I've already started on this, but it's essential. So I gotta write it down. I'll have 1st-6th grade in my library every week. It's going to be a first for me to teach such a wide range of grades, but I'm really up for the challenge. My understanding is I'll have some lessons from other librarians to use as a starting point. I'm really looking forward to figuring my curriculum to meet my student and teachers needs. 

5. Set Up Meetings and Assess Needs: I have to figure out the needs of my school community. One of the things about changing to a whole other school district is learning their needs. If I had been teaching there already I could have had a basic idea of their needs. Since it's a whole new district and school I need to use my communication skills to figure out how to best help my school community. 

First years are always a year of learning and doing. I'm excited to get started. 

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